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What else has happened...

On 21 April, we had an AUTILLUS workshop for authors in Zurich. Jyoti Guptara had asked at the AGM, if it were possible to hold a workshop on the craft of writing. So, Alice Gabathuler and Stephan Sigg created a fab happening:

In the morning, we discussed things like publishing contracts, working with publishers and editors etc.. After lunch in a park close by, we continued with the nuts and bolts of the trade. Plotting, polishing, perspective etc. were on the agenda. 

What looked like a monster day with a programme from 9am to 4.30pm flew by much too fast. What made the event special to me, was the opportunity to network with fellow authors who, though all of them writing for children and young adults, still have their very distinctive genres. Another proof that writing for children is more than meets the eye of most people(?). We participants, at any rate, would have been able to discuss far into the night.