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What else has happened...

On 26 November, the Swiss Children's and YA Media Prize of the Swiss Institute of Media for Children and Young People. (SIKJM) was awarded in Berne. 
part of the rich crop 2017
Five notable books and one play were nominated. It was a hard choice for the jury this year as both, director of the bureau for culture Isabelle Chassot in her welcome speech and moderator Christine Lötscher reiterated. 

"Rigo und Rosa" by Lorenz Pauli and Kathrin Schärer finally made the race. Their story revolves around the friendship between an aging zoo leopard and a lively mouse. In 28 short episodes the two animals discuss love, trust, freedom, security and life in general. With plenty of
imagination and wit the dialogues open up spaces for further philosophical discussions. The jury especially mentioned the refined simplicity and poetry of Pauli's language, and the unmistakable illustrations of Schärer that commentate the happenings in a tongue in cheek way.
Christine Lötscher (l) and the two winners
Works from three language parts had made the shortlist. They were, in alphabetical order:
"La Friche" by Luisa Campanile, "Amici" by Paloma Canonica, "Marta & ich" by the illustrator duo It's Raining Elephants, "Le Petit Bonhomme" by Sylvie Neeman and Ingrid Godon, "Rigo und Rosa" by Lorenz Pauli and Kathrin Schärer and finally "Die Flucht" by Francesca Sanna. 

The Swiss Children's and YA Media Prize yields 10.000 Swiss Francs. All the nominees receive 2.500 Francs. The jury comprises seven people from the fields of literature critiques, libraries and education.