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What else has happened...

On Wednesday, 25 October, I hit the road for Erlenbach in the Simmen Valley (Bernese Mountains). The Stockhorn Gondolas will celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2018. Reason enough for a teacher to create a short story collection with his 4th and 5th graders, set around mount Stockhorn. 
Church Erlenbach

He found me via the education and culture platform of the Canton of Berne. "What a great project," I thought at once and accepted his offer. That Wednesday, it was my task to teach the children some story writing basics. Apart from that, I was to "kindle" their fantasy. 
(My school way was never so beautiful)
Especially the last part proved to be a piece of cake. The class participated enthusiastically. The two hours passed so quickly, we even forgot the break in between the two lessons. To compensate, we finished a little earlier. 

The first "first drafts" are due to arrive in about a month. So far, the kids have planned to write one thriller, four whodunits and one adventure story. I was already able to meet their model heroes, and am now eager to read their stories. It's gonna be great!