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May The Force Be With You (Part 4)

When we came to our classroom, Ms Sanders was waiting for us saying, "Today's test is one of the most important of this term. That's why you're going to leave your phones in your bags and deposit them by the door as you enter."
Monica was first in line. She prepared to take her pencil case out of her bag.
"No need for that either. You'll find pens on your desks," Ms Sanders said.
Monica shrugged and went towards her usual seat.
Ms Sanders wasn't finished yet. "Would you please roll up your sleeves as high as possible, Monica? Then take the first seat left in the front row. We're filling up the rows as you go in."

We were all baffled but obeyed. That meant two cribs in my bag landing on the heap with the others. When I rolled up my sleeves in front of Ms Sanders, I felt
the last one slip up over my elbow and out of reach. At least it hadn't fallen right in front of her feet.
I eyed the test sheet on my desk, feeling miserable. My relief was endless when I read the first problem and discovered how easy it was. So was the next one. Notorious Ms Sanders had compiled the easiest test ever! Only two hard problems I couldn't do.
I won my bet. Monica and I both wrote a B that day. She bought the family pack chewing gum, and I shared it with her and Danny. Monica even showed us how to blow monster bubbles.
The Force must be with me. How else was I able to score that high without my cribs and without learning for the test? 
The End