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What else has happened...

Retrospective on a busy day: 12th June. 

After lunch, the jury for the "BaarerRabe", prize for a children's or YA story, met for its final meeting. We'd received fewer manuscripts than the years before. However, the quality of the texts was, on the whole, better. 

Quite quickly, three favourites emerged. It was no easy task to choose a winner from those. The jury members had some pretty strong arguments for each of them. You can find out who won and read the press release (in German) here:

After the meeting, I went to Berne. Together with my mother, I wanted to attend the book launch of AUTILLUS friend Peter Kummer at the "Buchhandlung zum Zytglogge". He was presenting his art book "Gelmer". 

The story teller Christine Rothenbühler – also from AUTILLUS – read from the book. A PowerPoint presentation was running in the background, showing the different stages of the book production. "Gelmer" tells in an enthralling way a folk tale from the Grimsel area in the Alps.