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What else has happened...

At the family Sunday last Sunday at Habsburg Castle, the Aargau Tourist Board presented its new brochure for the Habsburg Trail. I'd been asked to write the narrative part of it. You'll remember to have read here about the research for it.
The Duke and I
There's been regular feedback that the plaques along the Habsburg Trail are too small or don't explain well enough. That was why the idea for a brochure was born. It can be read separately or as a walking guide. In it, the royal Hawk Habi (Habi from the German "Habicht" for this particular kind of Hawk) opens windows in time and lets the readers experience life in the Middle Ages. 

Habi's owner, Radbot von Habsburg himself, told the children a few of the adventures of his beloved harrier bird, performed magic tricks and crafted balloon animals and swords. Apart from that, the children were able to dress up and could craft their own hats. Tours of the castle and an imperial brunch complemented the programme. 

The brochure "Habsburger Weg" can be ordered via the Aargau Tourist Board