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May The Force Be With You (Part 1)

They call me Luke Skywalker. My best friend Danny gave me this nickname. His dad had organised this really cool Star Wars Death Star computer game for his birthday. I made about a zillion points, and a voice announced, "The Force is strong in that one". 

From then on, I was Luke Skywalker. Luke Edwards in real life. Or sometimes Lucas Edwards! Like when Mum discovers I haven't taken the garbage out – again.

It's not easy to be the cool guy, to stand in the spotlight all the time. People watch what you do and say. And no matter how cool you are, some people still won't be impressed.

Take Monica, for example.
I used to think girls were silly. But Monica can climb trees, whistle louder than my mates, and blows the biggest chewing gum bubble ever. As far as girls go, she's pretty cool, too. She's also great at maths and never misses an opportunity to rub that in.

"I can be as good as you in any maths test," I gave back.
"Like last time, eh?"
I felt my ears go hot. "I had a headache that day."
"Like fun you did! You've never yet topped a C."
"How do you know that?"
"A little bird told me." Monica winked at Danny, who was standing beside me, all red in the face and looking down at his trainers.  
I couldn’t let that comment pass unchallenged, could I? 
(To be continued)