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Go West! (Part 6)

Some clever politician found out that it costs less to help a family to emigrate than to provide for them in the poorhouses. They give you the tickets, a small sum to help you over the first few weeks, their blessings and off you go. Most families settle in Brazil and Argentina but some opt for the United States.

Poor Ida. I have a place to go to and a husband waiting for me. Like that it will be easier to grow roots. Ida has a husband, a sick father and two small children. For them it must feel like jumping without knowing where they will land.

They say that in America the gold lies on the streets. I don't believe it. It won't be any different from
the way it was in Switzerland. (I especially say Switzerland, not home. California is my home now.) If you want to achieve something, you've got to work for it. I'm willing to work hard for a bright future.

I know I will be happy. My husband and I will love each other and have many children. Our farm will be a success and maybe, one day, I'll be able to send some money to provide for my younger brothers and sisters at home - in Switzerland, I mean.

The End