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Go West! (Part 1)

What am I doing here? Why have I ever agreed to this adventure? I wish I could die!

It started harmlessly enough. A crowd had gathered in front of our town hall, among them my friend Theres. She saw me coming from the shop and waved excitedly.

"You've got to read this!"

She pushed me to the blackboard where all the important news gets published. Had somebody announced his wedding? Who had died? What the people were discussing so eagerly, however, was a large notice:

Wanted: Which young, hardworking woman would like to join and marry me in America?
Fare paid. Sincere intentions guaranteed. Contact Messrs Huber & Gutknecht, solicitors, Aarau

"What a lark!" Theres nudged me in my side. "As if there weren't enough women in America."

"Perhaps he'd like somebody he can speak Swiss to and talk about home with?" I suggested.

"Hedwig, please! What decent woman would agree to travel to America all by herself, engaged to a man she's never seen before?"
(To be continued)