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To Love (Part 5)

For a long time, Rita and Marcel tried in vain to have a child. The happier were they when Evelyn was born in September 2000. 48 centimetres, 3320 grams. My little niece! I was so proud when Rita asked me if I wanted to be her godmother. Rita was forty at the time and the birth had been a difficult one. It was evident that Evelyn would remain their only child.

I'd never been one of the homely kind. Thanks to Rita's care and subtle force I made it through college and university, completed an internship in England. Although I'd never been an A student, I applied for a post in practical studies in the Environment/Biology/Geography/Forestry department at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota. I was convinced that passion would outbalance my mediocre grades. After all, I was almost thirty – high time to embark on saving the Earth.

Father was shocked when
I told him about my plans. Colombia was dangerous ground. He took comfort in the conviction that A) anyway, a more gifted scientist would get the post, and B) should I be chosen, I'd be placed in the middle of nowhere with little likelihood of being tangled in a drug war. He wasn't the only one the arrival of the letter from Bogota baffled.

To save the Earth turned out to take longer than anticipated. We studied the living conditions and threat level of specific tree dwelling amphibians. Our camp was not only situated at the butt of the world with creepy crawlies for company, but also in a communication vacuum. The Satellite Telephone worked only at certain times from a hilltop reached by a three-hour-hike through the bush.

That was why I learned about Father's and Marcel's death only weeks later when I paid civilisation a short visit. Actually, I called Rita to let her know that the field work was almost complete. After that, I'd be able to take a two-week-holiday in Switzerland before having to return to Bogota for the evaluation of our finds. At the end of my word barrage, there was a suspicious silence at the other end of the line. Something was terribly wrong.
Well that was the last part of the teaser from "To Love". You can read more (unfortunately, though, only in German) in "Mord in Switzerland Band 2" (Murder in Switzerland Volume 2), where you'll also find 17 other crime stories from Switzerland by Swiss authors.