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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


What else has happened...

After having missed the Swanwick Writers' Summer School in 2015, I was more than happy to be able to participate this year. The Swanwick Magic engulfed me as soon as I entered the door and felt the first welcoming hugs.
The Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire
Although I arrived one day late (as I'd had to work in my bread job on Saturday), it was the most relaxed Swanwick ever for me. Maybe because I found the right balance between courses and recreation at last. Other years, I felt like a kid in a candy shop tending to do too much. 

Also, the atmosphere had never been better. I know, I write that every time. But I wasn't the only delegate who said so. Many a member told me, it had just been fabulous for them.
And what courses did I take?

And what courses did I take? "Character Psychology" with Steve Hartley, "The Trickier Side of Fiction" with Sue Moorcroft, "Plot and Stratagem" with Michael Jecks. All of them well taught. Except for Saturday evening, when I was in Zurich waiting for my flight, I went to all the evening speakers. But why am I telling you all this? Have a look at the programme yourself:
Is the pen mightier than the sword?
The Pantomime was especially good this year: "The Battle of Writer's Block", an analogy of doubt, success and a writer's desperate strife for the latter – well, sort of anyway. Such a pity that it doesn't exist on DVD. We laughed our socks off.
At the dregs party - my friend Anu Gupta and you know who.
Only about 358 days till the next Swanwick. Something really, really, really catastrophic will have to crop up to stop me from going.