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Breaking News

Tomorrow "Mord inSwitzerland, Band 2" (Murder in Switzerland, Volume 2" will hit the shelves. After its predecessor's success ("Mord in Switzerland", Murder in Switzerland, 2013), the initiators, Mitra Devi and Petra Ivanov, present another compilation of thrilling stories. "Mord in Switzerland, Band 2" contains 18 serious, humorous and enthralling whodunits by well-known Swiss Authors as well as promising newcomers.

They all play fictional havoc on 18 different cantons; kill, mug, steal and con from Geneva to the Engadin valley, from Lake Constance to the Lago Maggiore. This time, French, Italian and Romansch stories (translated into German) have been included. An exhilarating jump across the language borders with a lot of local flair embedded in thrilling stories. Typically Swiss and surprisingly international.

I was allowed to kill in
Canton Basel Landschaft. The other perpetrators are:
Andrea Fazioli, Ticino; Alice Gabathuler, Appenzell; Attilio Bivetti, Graubünden; Alessio Ricciuti, Neuchâtel; Cédric Segapelli, Geneva; Christine Brand, Schwyz; Silvia Götschi, Solothurn; Helmut Maier, Luzern; Jutta Motz, Schaffhausen; Mitra Devi, Zug; Petra Ivanov, Zürich; Stephan Pörtner, Obwalden; Sunil Mann, Uri; Susy Schmid, Bern; Tanja Kummer, Thurgau; Thomas Kowa, Aargau und Tom Zai, St. Gallen

Various events will take place all over Switzerland in the next few months. For instance, you can listen to Susy Schmid, Cédric Segapelli and me at the Lüthy bookshop, Nidaugasse in Biel/Bienne on 20 September at 19.30h (bilingual reading, French and German).