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The Venetian Pearls - Prologue (Part 12)

During the flight, the engines were so loud that the passengers had to shout if they wanted to talk. The collie was whining throughout, but the racket of the engines swallowed most of the noise. 

Barbie doll kept massaging her temples as if trying to fight a headache. Stevenson could see that the boy was enjoying the flight by the way he gazed through the tiny windows and observed the other passengers. 

Twenty minutes later, the helicopter landed in St. Mary's. One by one the passengers crossed the airfield. It was
warm. A light breeze blowing from the sea carried the smell of seaweed, salt and kerosene.

The heliport looked like a cross between a neat country hotel and a garage; sprawling, pink-painted departure and arrival wings were topped by a low control tower. A heliport official was waiting for the passengers and ushered them to a glass sliding door beyond which lay a conveyor belt.
(To be continued)