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The Venetian Pearls - Prologue (Part 10)

"It's for your own safety, madam," an official explained.

"Oh, well, if you must." She sighed and handed the man her key ring. "Help yourself."
While the official was struggling to find out which key fitted into which lock of her several bags, the woman went on to the metal detector. There was a loud whistle as she led her dog through it. Stevenson dropped his newspaper to see what was going to happen. 

He was also categorising the woman. He knew that the man who called himself Nuzzolo was Italian. This woman held an English passport and spoke with a contrived upper-class accent. She was
acting the lady. 
"It could be your belt." The female official pointed at the broad gold chain Barbie doll was wearing. "Please take it off and try again."
"Could you hold my dog?" 
"Of course."
Barbie handed her the lead and the belt. Then she walked through the detector and back. The whistle remained silent.
"Thank  you." The  female official  handed  her back the dog and the belt.
Barbie nodded with a smile and put her belt on. The other official had finished his task and returned the key ring. Barbie sat down in a chair beside the Swiss boy. She began stroking the dog and cooing to it.
Barbie turned to the boy. "Are you travelling alone?"
"Yes, madam."
"Oh, you poor thing. Children shouldn't travel by themselves."
"I'm thirteen." He sounded offended.
Behind his newspaper, Stevenson chuckled.
(To be continued)