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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


What else has happened...

The week of 8th February was a busy one at the writing-front with the AUTILLUS-AGM on Monday and a double school reading on Wednesday.

Do you know those jokes that run: How many "XY" do you need to "AB"? The AUTILLUS-AGM could be introduces with: How many children's book writers and illustrators do you need to spend an inspiring evening?

Answer: basically, only two. But that was the best attended AGM in the AUTILLUS's 20-year-history. And there were hardly enough chairs and glasses in the SIKJM meeting room.

Done with the business part, we committed ourselves with equal zest to socialising. New relationships were forged, projects discussed and annoyances vented over nibbles and wine.
The 2016 jubilee-year calls for thorough discussion
 The readings at the Lutertal School in Bolligen near Berne were

absolute highlights. I was met at the station in Berne and escorted to Bolligen. The whole event was perfectly organised. In the first lesson, I was able to read in front of 80 pupils. The second group was smaller but still almost filled the hall.

As always, the questions the children asked fascinated me. Apart from the usual suspects there were even two or three I'd never heard before.
A heartfelt thank-you to the Lutertal-Team for their invitation, the cordial welcome and for taking the pictures!