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The Venetian Pearls - Prologue (Part 9)

Everybody turned their heads. Stevenson felt a surge of satisfaction. It was the blond woman he'd seen on the CCTV footage. Obviously the man and she had separated. Not a bad move, as the police were looking for a couple. 

Stevenson was seized by the excitement of the hunter closing in on his quarry. He had to be careful, though. He opened his newspaper and hid behind it. The woman didn't know him yet but better not take the risk. 

She had the build of a model and her clothes shouted Armani and Gucci. She used her English passport to fan herself with a perfectly manicured hand. Her long, blond hair and pink lipstick made her look like a Barbie doll. Even
the lead on which she was holding a Scottish collie was studded with Swarovski stones.

The dog's coat showed only a little white down its chest and belly and on its tail. The rest was a glorious gold with black patches. The fur was so thick it flowed down from below the dog's ears like a lion's mane. 

It was a young, curious animal, sniffing at every corner. The owner  was  especially  annoyed when  the collie pulled towards a toddler in a pram.

"Look, there's Lassie." The girl with the pink backpack shouted and waved at the dog. 

The Scottish collie made towards her but its owner tugged it back roughly, then held it close by the collar.

Stevenson shook his head. That woman had no idea how to handle a dog.

"So, what's this all about?" she asked again.
(To be continued)