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What else has happened...

Two pieces of good news fluttered in this week. 

The first one was this brochure with the new courses for the Volkshochschule (Open University) in the Grenchen area. 

With this, it's official: I'm going to lead a three-part-evening course for adults on Crime Writing. The scaffold already stands (well, as good as), and I'm filling in the gaps. The course is meant to instil a joy of crime writing. So I intend to leave enough room for writing exercises. As always on such occasions, much will depend on the participants. I hope for a lively bunch. – Most of all I hope that anybody will enrol at all.

The second piece of news is about this:

Isn't that a great cover? "Mord in Switzerland 2" (Murder in Switzerland 2) (MiS2, as the 18 authors call it lovingly) will appear in September. On 20. September a reading in German and French is planned at Lüthy bookshop, Nidaugasse in Biel/Bienne. Susy Schmid (d), Cédric Segapelli (f) and I will be reading from MiS2. Will we meet there?