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The Venetian Pearls - Prologue (Part 6)

Stevenson zoomed in further. The logo of a car rental company. A long shot but the only lead he had. He fished his mobile phone out of his breast pocket.

A secretary at the car rental answered the phone after the third ring.

"Good afternoon. I've got your number from friends of mine, a couple. He's got an Italian accent and she's a blond. What did you say? Yes, yes, Nuzzolo. That's them. I'd like to meet Mr and Mrs Nuzzolo but have forgotten their itinerary. Are they still in Penzance? I understand. Could you perhaps just tell me when and where they're going to return the car? The heliport? Late afternoon? Too kind of you. Thank you so much."

Stevenson hung up. After some thinking, he opened his briefcase for the diary. On the address page he found what he wanted and dialled again.
Library Billboard, Hugh Town, St. Mary's

"Mrs Richards? My name's Stevenson. I've stayed with you before and as I've just decided to spend a few days in the Isles of Scilly and was wondering if you had a room for me for a few nights? I'll be arriving later this afternoon. A single room, please. The price doesn't matter. Thank you. Good bye."

Stevenson got up and, without a word, handed the tablet computer back to Gavin. Then he took his briefcase and coat. 

On the way out, Stevenson passed Chief Inspector Trelawney and Constable Carter, who were talking together in the reception area.
(To be continued)