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The Venetian Pearls - Prologue (Part 5)

With obvious pleasure, Gavin sat in the chief inspector's chair, crossed his arms and fixed the older man with a glower. 

Without taking any notice of his guard, Stevenson opened the file again. He found the footage that showed the Golf coming out of the garage. But where were the old lady and the doctor? Stevenson went back to where the paramedic left the ambulance. He watched the footage repeatedly. During the sixth run, he noticed it. 

He paused, zoomed in. There. 

A shadow glided off behind the ambulance. Stevenson searched various files until he found one that showed the ambulance from a different angle. Although the footage had been taken by a camera at the far end of the car park, it showed two figures coming out of the ambulance after the fake paramedics had left.
They climbed into a dark car and drove off. Stevenson memorised the indicated time stamp. He went back to the file that showed the entrance of the car park. He fast-forwarded to a time stamp that corresponded with the previous footage, then let it run at normal speed. Three light cars came out, then a dark one.

Stevenson zoomed in again. He recognised the driver of that black BMW. He'd had dealings with him before, when his company had sent him to investigate a robbery at an art gallery in Rome. 

Back then, that man had called himself Giuseppe Bianchi. A blond woman was beside him in the car. What was that patch on the windscreen?
(To be continued)