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The Venetian Pearls - Prologue (Part 4)

He took the tablet, opened another file and handed the computer back. 

The footage showed the progress of the ambulance through Penzance until it drove into the underground parking of a shopping centre. Then there was the ambulance in a parking space, next to a dark VW-Golf. 

The rear door of the ambulance was in a blind spot of the camera. The criminals hadn't chosen that spot by chance. No coverage of any loading or unloading going on. The driver got out, was joined by the paramedic from the back, then both got into the Golf and drove off.

"That's where we found the ambulance." The chief inspector took the tablet out of Stevenson's hands. "Empty, of course."

"You didn't show me all of that footage."

Trelawney stared at Stevenson but eventually gave in. He pressed a buzzer on his desk. After a short while, a young man in a light blue shirt and jeans entered the office. He had the air of a wrestler. The sleeves around his upper arms were a little tight. 


"Gavin. Stay here and help Mr Stevenson should he have any questions."

"Yes, sir." Gavin gave Chief Inspector Trelawney a smile and Stevenson a don't-mess-with-me stare. Stevenson grunted, amused.

"Gavin's our IT man. He's a whizz with those gadgets." The chief inspector nodded towards the tablet computer. "Feel free to watch as long as you like Stevenson. But  I've got  work to do. If  you'll  excuse me." And Chief Inspector Trelawney made for the door. "Let me know if you find anything."
(To be continued)