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The Stranger in the Kitchen (Part 4)

The light goes on, plunging Thomson in disorientation. Looking down at himself he realises he's wearing his pyjamas and slippers. He spins around. Miller's gone. So has the body. Instead, a woman in a morning gown is standing in the doorway. The victim from the living room?
"Walter," she says tenderly, "are you all right?"
"Yes," he answers. But is he?
"You probably wanted to make yourself a hot chocolate," she says and goes to work.
Shortly afterwards, DCI Walter Thomson (retired) is sitting at the kitchen table. The woman beside him is putting her hand on his. He's drinking a hot chocolate he's not certain he wanted and asks himself, where Miller has gone to.

Dear diary, I know it's time to wake up. My Walter will never return. Sometimes, though, I can still see him in the eyes of that shell he's become. He's in there. Somewhere. The way he used to be, the way he'll always be for me.


Usually, I simply translate my stories into English or German. For this one, I thouhgt I'd try a slightly different version in each language. I'm looking forward to hearing your opinion on this approach.