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The Stranger in the Kitchen (Part 3)

The suspicion had been sitting in my mind for a long time, tapping on my shoulder, pointing out double orders or oddly chosen words. When Walter couldn't find the milk in the supermarket anymore, glossing over was no longer possible.

The verdict Alzheimer didn't come unexpected. Still it was devastating. At least I can understand now why Walter is slipping away, living more in his bygone workdays than in the reality with me.

He still hasn't returned to bed. The past is holding him in his claws longer than usual.


DCI Thomson gaped at the shelves. Neatly labelled tins and spices were aligned in rows. But everything else bore a label too. "Cup", he read or "plate". "Cutlery in the drawer in front of you", a sticker on the bottom shelf informed.

(To be continued)   

Usually, I simply translate my stories into English or German. For this one, I thouhgt I'd try a slightly different version in each language. I'm looking forward to hearing your opinion on this approach.