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What else has happened...

This is going to be a very special post.
Library billboard promoting the readings
I've just returned from a week's stay in the Isles of Scilly. You will remember that my latest release, THE VENETIAN PEARLS, is set there. Earlier this year, I therefore contacted the library in St. Mary's whether they'd be interested in organising a reading.

The librarian, Linda Thomas, did much more than that. She organised a reading for children, a workshop with their U3A writing group (and friends), both on Tuesday, and a talk in her Book Show on Radio Scilly on Thursday. She also agreed to sell a few copies through the library, and gave me precious information about who might be interested in stocking more. Consequently, I sold every one of the copies I'd taken with me.
Part of my "Junior" audience
The reading for children had been organised ad hoc, when Linda realised two mothers showed interest on behalf of their children. Eventually, seven girls and boys showed up. Quite a good turnout for an out-of-school literary event, as the insiders among you will know. There was an audience of nine eager writers for the evening workshop, three of which tourists from Scotland. We had a lot of fun together and, they asked many interesting questions.
The radio Book Show was definitely a highlight of my stay. Linda moderated the show, two local ladies discussed book reviews, and together they asked me questions about THE PEARLS and writing in general. The hour just flew by. To sum up my stay is easy: It was a great experience and pleasure to meet readers, locals from the place the book is set in, and such a supportive and wonderful librarian.

Also thanks to Linda:

St. Mary's Library, Porthcressa