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What else has happened...

Breaking News

Until Mid-January 2015, you could send in self-published books that appeared in 2014 for the Self-Publishing Award. The competition is run jointly by WritingMagazine, UK, and the David St. John Thomas Charitable Trust.

I knew that the winners would be announced in the July issue of Writing Magazine. So when I hadn't heard anything by the end of Mai, I didn't harbour any big hopes anymore. What a joyful surprise, therefore, when somebody congratulated me on Twitter. The magazine was waiting for me in my letterbox when I came home that night, and really: DIE VENEZIANISCHEN PERLEN / THE VENETIAN PEARLS hadn't made a prize, but had been rewarded with a "Commended".

From now on, I can use this tag in my publicity. Of course, I immediately designed a flashy sticker.

High time to thank the people without whose help the project would probably never have seen the light of day: My mentor Roz Southey, my beta-reader Steve Jenkins, my editors David Wells and Magdalena Bernath, and the wonderful Elena S. Pini, who designed the fabulous cover.