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Lady in Black (part 2)

Henriette Brun introduced the authors (here me) last October
Yes, he'd been asking for it. But perhaps they were still in the turret?

In his panic, Luke landed in the dungeon first, but eventually he found the summer room and the correct passage.

His family weren't there. Yet in the middle of the room, her hand resting on the back of a chair, gazing through a tiny window and over the lake, stood a tall, elegant lady in a long black silk dress. She wore her hair pinned up in an elaborate style.

Father had read from a brochure that, sometimes, actors impersonated figures from the past. This woman could help him.

"Excuse me," Luke asked. "Have you seen my parents?"

The lady turned around.

The blue eyes in her stern face were like those of a sleepwalker.

"I'll take my tea here, Marie," she said.

Luke was cross. The woman preferred playing her role to helping him. He wanted to press on when he heard his father's voice behind him, "Here you are. Hurry up. They want to close and have only waited for you to turn up. It's always the same with you! Perhaps we should just leave you behind some day."

Luke intended to say goodbye to the woman. She'd disappeared.

On leaving the turret, he noticed the portrait above the fireplace: An elegant lady in a black dress with an elaborate hairdo.
"My" Lady in Black

Turret of Oberhofen Castle