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Serena and the Knights of St. John (Part 14)

Serena went for the pigeon and the silver cylinder attached to one of its legs. She'd just loosened it, when a hand fell on her shoulder. She spun around. Paul grabbed her hard by the wrist.

"I'll take that if you don't mind," he said in a menacing whisper.

Paul tried to snatch the capsule from her. Lips pressed together, Serena stretched her arm away from him as far as possible. She would have given the world for a free hand and the opportunity to reach her dagger.

Paul was seething. He turned Serena around, twisting her arm. Hot pain shot through her body, but Serena was determined not to give in. Francisco and Jerome couldn't be far. All she needed was time. Another jolt of pain seared through her arm and side. It helped her regain her voice.

"Invaders!" she shouted. It sounded feeble, even to herself. The next attempt was better. "Here! Invaders! Post of Castile!"

Paul looked frantically about him, all the time struggling with the girl. Serena's strength was seeping away, her arm turning numb. Paul's free hand came perilously close to the capsule.
(To be continued)