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Serena and the Knights of St. John (Part 12)

Jerome, although swallowing hard, said, "Sounds sensible."

He shot Serena a concerned look. She took his hand.

Francisco smirked. "Not to the Grandmaster. He retorted we would either die or emerge victorious together. I'm telling you, children, without that man, we'd be doomed."

"Look, there it is again!" Serena cried, pointing at the sky.

"What?" Jerome and Francisco asked in unison, alarmed.

"The pigeon I told you about." Exasperated, she elbowed Jerome hard in his ribs.

"Oh that." But his expression was blank.
Serena sighed and explained, "For almost a week I've been seeing a pigeon rise from that spot on the battlements over there. Isn't that a funny coincidence?"

Francisco rubbed his stubbly chin. "Hmm, strange," he grumbled.

"Could it be a carrier pigeon?"

"That post is guarded by the Knights of the Castilian Langue. What would they want carrier pigeons for?"

"Shall we have a closer look?" Jerome asked.

Francisco gave a short, emphatic nod. "I'm off duty tomorrow night. Let's meet at seven in front of the Church of St. Lawrence. There'll be a simple explanation but this is no time to take chances."
(To be continued)