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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


What else has happened...

"Ms Bachmann, are there any English books left? We've sold them all but the people want more," one of my helpers suddenly asked me at the book launch party last Friday.
Nibbles courtesy of my sister's.
But let's start at the beginning.

What a week!

On Monday, I was able to help organise a themed "creative writing" morning at the school in Huttwil. Four intense lessons – not only for the children. We began with a reading from my SJW publication "Die zirkusaffäre" (The Circus Mystery) und from my new whodunit "The Venetian Pearls". Once more, it was impressive to watch the children's reaction to a handicapped protagonist. After that, there was a workshop, and finally I rounded the morning off with a talk about how books are made.
The children and their teacher completely spoilt me. Not only was I welcomed with a poster on the door. It was one of the girls' birthday and she'd made scrummy cup-cakes for everybody. Even for me!

Friday was the big day. Book launch party for DIE VENEZIANISCHEN PERLEN/THE VENETIAN PEARLS. The 5th grade school children and their teacher Fränzi Breitinger helped with the event. One part read the German passages (I did the English ones), four of the children helped selling the books, and two assisted my sister with the catering.
Fully concentrated: a pupil and me during the reading
We reckoned with an audience of about thirty but more than sixty (that's when we stopped counting) turned up. The people were sitting on the stairs and even jamming the small platform by the entrance like sardines in a tin. The cover-designer Elena Pini came from Basel and the copy editor Magdalena Bernath from St. Gallen. I was able to welcome many friends and relatives but also – what surprised me – many people I didn't know. I was especially thrilled at the presence of about twenty children (apart from those who were reading). It's for them I write the stories, after all.
The teacher (in white) and me welcoming the audience
The children were absolutely fabulous! The reading was a full success. The nibbles my sister had prepared went in a jiffy. And then the incredible thing happened: One of the sales-team came to me and said the sentence I would never have dared dream about, and that I quoted at the beginning. No more English books left, numbers of the German edition dwindling. And I'd take double the number I'd hoped to sell. Without hesitation, Mother rushed home to replenish the stock. The sales-team, like all the others, did wonders that evening.
Big thanks also to Sis for the catering
A very big THANK YOU to my helpers of the 5th grade and their teacher. They regaled me with an unforgettable evening.