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What else has happened...

It was a busy week.

On Wednesday, I gave a talk about "How is a Book Produced?" at the school in Lengnau. The class I had this time asked fewer questions than the last one but they were just as lively and astute. I can't help wondering at the interesting questions the kids often ask.
"How is a Book Produced?"
You might remember that for the whole of this season, the BSV members' "Castle Stories" were exhibited at Oberhofen Castle by the Lake of Thun (Blog post dating 14.06.2014). Yesterday, we celebrated the end of season with a marathon reading of 21 of the exhibited 26 stories.
Showcase at the Castle Library
Oberhofen Castle went to great lengths exhibiting the stories. A framed sentence from each tale was shown in a case in the castle library together with an object related to it.
Surprised at the size of the audience?
We were able to read in the beautiful, if in this season freezing, Summer Room. How interesting to hear the different stories read by their authors. So many styles, so many ways of expression.
After the readings, visitors and authors mingled at the generous buffet for a glass of wine and nibbles. No wonder the discussions wore on.