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Serena and the Knights of St. John (Part 9)

Each day, when both of them had finished their duties, Serena and Jerome met near a watchtower, where they had a ravishing view of the Grand Harbour. They spoke about their day and their dreams – and also about the Ottoman attack everybody knew was imminent.

"Guess what, Serena," Jerome shouted as soon as he saw her one evening. Serena could see something important must have happened. Jerome wasn't able to sit down or even stand quietly. He took both her hands and pulled her to her feet.

"I've been appointed to serve the Grandmaster himself!"

"Oh," was everything Serena was able to answer.

"Aren't you happy for me?"

"Of course I am," she hurried to answer, "but won't that service take up more of your time. Will we still be able to meet?"

Jerome laughed. "Do you honestly think I'd let anything stop me from doing that?"
(To be continued)