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What else has happened....

On 8 June, a special show called "Castle Stories" was opened at Castle "Oberhofen" on the Lake of Thun. At the end of last year, the members of BSV (Authors of Canton Berne) could send in a castle story on one A4 page. 22 stories are the result. The representatives of Oberhofen Castle took one sentence from each, which stands now in a frame in a showcase in the library. Along with the sentence, they exhibit the title, author's name and an object that has a connection with the sentence.

From my story "Die Dame in Schwarz" (Lady in Black), they took the sentence: "The pictures showed princesses in flowing gowns, palaces with slender towers. Bedouins were riding through the Sahara desert on camels." Beside it, they positioned a toy camel.
According to Christina Fankhauser (Director of Oberhofen Castle) and Regula Tanner (journalist and project manager), it had been difficult to find a camel. At last, Mrs Fankhauser was able to borrow one from her parents' Christmas crib.
All the stories are on display in a folder in the castle library. Visitors can read them at leisure with a view of the Lake of Thun.
On 25.10.204, all the authors of the castle stories will be reading their work in a Marathon Reading. Watch this space.