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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


What else has happened...

Last week, I had my first school reading after a longish break. I'd already read in half of the German speaking Swiss Cantons but this was my first school reading in my home canton, Berne. From where I live, Orpund lies in a south-westerly direction beyond the nearest hill. The more I was looking forward to the event.
Throughout this school year, the Primary School of Orpund has an emphasis on the theme of "Books". I was over the moon to be able to read for their classes from kindergarten to sixth grade. For third to sixth grade, they'd also ordered a short talk on "How does a book come into being?".
So on Monday and Wednesday morning, I travelled to Orpund. The welcome was overwhelmingly friendly. I was especially taken by the lively welcome of a few children who recognised me from Monday when I arrived on Wednesday. Another treat was the coffee break in the teachers' room.
The SJW-Box (for information see was also at that school during the week. Serendipity, as I happened to read, among other things, from my SJW publications "Unter Verdacht" (Under Suspicion) and "Die Zirkusaffäre" (The Circus Incident).
I also had the opportunity to present a "trailer" from "The Venetian Pearls" (watch this space). The children liked the prologue. A real boost for me so shortly before publication.
Those were two exhausting but totally enriching days. Thank you Primary School of Orpund!