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Wishfulfilment International Inc. (Part 5)

So you look at the closed blinds opposite and shrug. Why not? What can go wrong? You're probably going to wake up and realise it's all been a strange dream.

You type in: "i want to be the lady in that apartment opposite," click on the icon and are transported onto the terms and conditions page. It's the usual legal gobbledygook, so you just scroll down the ten pages or so and tick the 'agree' square.

Now there's something you've never seen before.

A window opens and asks you to press your right thumb onto a red and gold circled field for confirmation. Shrugging you obey. There's a prick, and while you're still staring at your bleeding thumb, you hear a bang, see smoke well up around you, and in a whirling sensation everything goes black.

You don't know how long you've slept but coming round is great. There's no mildewy ceiling, no water pipes clamouring because your neighbour is taking a shower. In front of you there is a heavy mahogany dining table with six chairs. The walls are adorned with paintings and the floor is covered with a Persian rug.
(To be continued)