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Breaking News

On 14 Sept 2013, I was able to post an interview with Swiss author Tom Zai. He was working on the final draft of his first novel. Tomorrow, "Zufallshelden" (Heroes by Chance) will hit the bookshop shelves. Congratulations on this big step, Tom!
What is this thrilling tale about? Here a teaser, taken from the Appenzeller Verlag Website:

A small plane crashes into a Ferris wheel. There are no casualties. What's that to do with the man who's definitely no hero?  When he begins to play one, problems start to pile up.
Peter Studer becomes a reluctant hero. By means of his supersensitive hearing, he detects a bomb on a Thames cruise ship in London that security overlooked...

A longer teaser here:

On 7 March, the official book launch will take place in Walenstadt. I'm unable to attend and will forever be sorry. If you happen to be in the region – it's going to be an event not to be missed. I will have the comfort of knowing that I was probably the first person to interview Tom.