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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


What else has happened...

The AUTILLUS (Association of Children's Book Authors and Illustrators of Switzerland) AGM on 22 January was the most exciting one I've ever attended. As every year, we were guests of SIKJM on Georgengasse in Zürich.

Before the preliminary committee meeting, Corinne Schroff, Doris Lecher and me prepared the wine reception that follows the AGM. Because of a computer glitch, we hadn't quite finished with the meeting when the first members for the AGM arrived.

Last year, we were able to welcome 10 new members, 5 of whom came to the AGM. After having dealt with the usual suspects like budget (we'll have to turn every penny twice!) and annual report (great visit at Lilly Langenegger's atelier and ABRAXAS, among others) the magic began.
Our new website that will soon be launched was presented. I guess I wasn't the only committee member who felt that a load had been lifted from her shoulders when, at the end of the presentation, the members burst into applause.
But how would they stomach the next point? Everybody who's ever tried to create and man a subdivision in a sports club will appreciate how difficult this can be. Recently, the committee have realised that there are points in today's publishing world that have to be dealt with but that exceed the capacity of the committee.
We wanted work groups for various fields like "Tariffs for Illustrators", "Website Management", "Micropublishers"... Die silence in the room after our proposal didn't last for long. Then the discussion began. Indeed it did! Yes, we'll do that (!!!). And soon the first few participants were appointed.
We were still in high-flying mode at the customary wine reception. Other members for the work groups were found, friendships forged or deepened, projects discussed. On the way to the station we were still sparkling with energy and ideas. I don't think I've ever felt so cheerful on my way home.
It rocked!
So why not drop in from time to time on ? There's something going on at AUTILLUS.