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What else has happened...

At the ABRAXAS Children's Literature Festival in November, the "Baarer Rabe" award will be presented for the first time. ABARAXAS takes place every year but alternatingly either as a big or small version, and will celebrate its tenth anniversary – the fifth big festival – this November.

The children's literature award "Baarer Rabe" (Raven of the city of Baar), sponsored by the city of Baar, goes to the author of a story for children and young adults (between 6 and 15 years), who hasn't had anything published in that field before.

Friday 05.07.2013 was the big day: After they had read and judged the competition entries, the jury members met for the final meeting. I'd never been a member of such an important body before. So I was pretty excited about participating.
That's where we held out meeting
The jury members came from different fields of (children's) literature. Apart from two representatives of the publisher that is going to bring the winning story out, there were a lecturer of literature, a critic and an author (yes, me). The representative of the city of Baar had been a book seller, so was more than familiar with the genre.
We soon realised that we all had the same two or three
favourites. Not long, and two aspiring winners of the "Baarer Rabe" surfaced. Then the two stories were dissected. Does the plot work? What about language and style? How appealing are the characters, the descriptions?
After a discussion of about one hour, we came to a verdict.
Who the winner of the first "Baarer Rabe" is must remain a secret for now. He or she will be revealed just before ABRAXAS Children's Book Festival in Zug, Central Switzerland. Probably on Sunday 10. November, schoolchildren from Baar will read and perform a scene from the winning story. I'll be there as well and tell you about it. Or better even – why not visit ABRAXAS yourself? AUTILLUS, the association of children's authors and illustrators of Switzerland, will have a stall there. According to our plans, there'll be "life writing" and a competition with great prizes!
Are you interested in writing for children? In the next English post I'll give you a few hints about how to impress a jury. And I'll list a few mistakes you ought to omit.