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Swiss Crime Writer Christina Casanova Answers 12 Questions

Of course, I'd heard the name Christina Casanova before in connection with the Swiss Crime Writing Scene. I met Christina for the first time at the book launch for "Mord (Murder) in Switzerland", where she read an excerpt of her gripping story "Der Flachwichser" (The Bugger). During the following conversation, we realised that we both blog. So, recently, I've asked Christina whether she'd be interested in participating in a blog-hop. You can find my answers to her questions (in German) on

The most important question first, Christina: What are you working on and when will your next book be released?
At the moment, I'm in the finishing stages of my new book "Das Lächeln der Pandora" (Pandora's Smile). I'll make an appearance with it at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Why did you start to write?
Why did you start to write? Was there a certain event that spurred you on?
I'm the stereotypical diary writer – began as soon as I could write, and haven't tired of it yet – one day I'd like to be understood by myself!  

Do you write other genres than Crime?
My secret passion is poetry.

Should you change genre, what would you write?
Poetry and poetry again – I can get lost in my own kitschy verses.

What is more difficult for you, writing the first draft of a story or the editing?
Neither one nor the other. Both demand full concentration and patience.

How do you fit writing into your daily life?
I'm an owl, which means I manage good texts only after nine o'clock in the evening!

Which of your senses are involved at the first spark of an idea?
I see my plot, no, I have to see it. It's like going to the cinema and watching a film. Only then do I start to write anything down!

Are there any events you go to in connection with writing?
Yes, everyday life. I like sitting somewhere and watching life make an appearance around me.
Do you belong to any writing-related organisations?
Yes. I'm a member of AdS (Authors of Switzerland) and a member of the Syndikat (the association of German-Speaking Crime Writers).

How important is reader feedback to you?
Oh, at times I live on it!

How can your readers contact you?
It's not difficult to find me – I'm a sociable person, which means I blog, e-mail and am on Facebook – or you can find me in the "Jardin du Luxembourg", at noon, when I'm in Paris again!

What's the best book you've ever read?
"Piaf" by Simone Berteaut. Oh, and "Also Sprach Zarathustra". The only book I've ever known by heart!

Thank you for your answers, Christina, and lots of success at the Frankfurt Book Fair with your new release "Das Lächeln der Pandora" (Pandora's Smile), which will be available on the shelves in autumn. We're looking forward to it!