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The Spoons Trial (part 3)

But it was too late. The door was flung open, squashing a good many droppings into the carpet. Spoons seized the chance and bolted.

Four hours and a lot of cleaning and rabbit chasing later, Celia, her mother and Spoons back in his travelling box were on their way to Joanie's place. Crying, Celia had told her parents everything; even how she had cheated
Joanie out of the vote.
"I wanted to look after Spoons so much!"

The mother had given her sobbing child a big hug, then phoned Joanie's mother and arranged to take Spoons over.

Joanie opened the door.

"I'm sorry about what I did," Celia whispered with a hanging head and handed her schoolmate the travelling box. "I was so envious of you because you could play with your guinea pigs every day and I didn't have an animal."

When Joanie didn't say anything, Celia sighed and turned to go.

"Want to see our guinea pigs?" Joanie asked.

"May I?"

The girls spent the afternoon in the garden playing with the animals. A fabulous weekend - except for the thought that Celia would have to explain everything to Miss Withers on Monday.

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The End