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The Spoons Trial (part 2)

But with Joanie bound to be punished for stealing, everything looked different.

"And serves her right, too!" Celia thought. "Always going on about how she and her father built a house for the guinea pigs, and how she can look after Spoons better than anybody else in the class. I'd do that just as well. If only they'd let me prove it!"

Her parents would never allow Celia to keep a pet. Yet, to have an animal to caress, to play with and to share her secrets with - only for a few days!

At three o'clock, Celia was carrying Spoons in his travelling box towards her mother's waiting car.

"What's that?" her mother asked pointing at the box.

"It's Spoons, our school project rabbit I told you about."

"What are you doing with it?"

"I was voted to look after him over the weekend."

"What! You know I don't want animals in our apartment. They smell and make a mess, and this one will certainly eat my plants. Take it back!"

"But I can't. All the others have left."

Celia's mother looked at her for a long moment. Then she clutched the driving wheel, sighed and said, "Ok, you can keep it. But only this once!"

"Thank you," Celia beamed, stowed Spoons' box on the backseat and got in beside it.

"I wish you'd asked me first," her mother said, shaking her head.

For the rest of the afternoon Celia played with Spoons and fed him the carrots and lettuce they had bought on the way home. Spoons lived under Celia's writing desk, where her mother had spread out an old newspaper to protect the carpet.

When she went to bed, Celia could see the travelling box from there. Happy and satisfied, she switched off the light. This was going to be a fabulous weekend!

The next morning, Celia woke up with a start. Strange noises were coming from under her bed. She opened her eyes and gave a cry. The expensive mint-green carpet was riddled with rabbit droppings. The door of the travelling box stood open and by the sound of it, Spoons was busy gnawing at the bed frame.

Celia heard steps hurrying towards her door.

"Don't come in! Spoons has escaped!" Celia shouted.

But it was too late. The door was flung open, squashing a good many droppings into the carpet. Spoons seized the chance and bolted.
(To be continued)

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