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The Spoons Trial (part 1)

"I didn't do anything," Joanie said.

"Celia missed two chocolate bars from her lunchbox and says she saw you near it," said Miss Withers.

"I didn't take them. Promise!"

Joanie was close to tears. Miss Withers looked at Celia, then back at Joanie.

"Well," she said, "let me have a look at your bag, so we can get this whole thing over with."

Joanie sniffed, then nodded.

Miss Withers opened the schoolbag. Almost at once she produced two empty chocolate bar wrappers. Joanie gasped and Celia gloated.

"She did that! She hid them in my bag," Joanie pointed her finger at the other girl. By now she was all red in the face.

"Come, come," said Miss Withers. "Why should Celia do that?"

The two girls scowled at each other. They both knew why: Spoons!

The fluffy dwarf rabbit was a school project. During the week, Spoons lived in a spacious cage in a classroom corner. The children watched his behaviour, fed him, mucked out and drew pictures of him.

Each Friday the class voted whose turn it was to look after Spoons over the weekend. Joanie's parents had a huge garden with a big fenced-off patch where they kept four guinea
pigs. To spend the weekend there would be heaven for Spoons.

Celia was Joanie's only opponent in this week's vote. She lived with her parents in a fashionable apartment on the ninth floor.

Celia had never been voted for yet, because Spoons would have to spend the whole weekend in his travelling box. But with Joanie bound to be punished for stealing, everything looked different.

(To be continued)

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