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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


What else has happened...

After the high I felt at the book launch party of "Mord (Murder) in Switzerland" in Herisau, I had another one yesterday, when I spotted our anthology displayed prominently at Lüthy bookshop in Nidaugasse in Biel (our main shopping area).
Apart from that, "Mord in Switzerland" ranks 37th on the sales statistics of in the category Swiss Authors after the first week.
And our local newspaper Bieler Tagblatt dedicated half a page to reviewing the book.
Reason enough to celebrate with a few fotos taken at the book launch party! (Pictures Bea Huwiler)
From left to right Jutta Motz, Felix Mettler, me (showing you my best side) and Susy Schmid.
Jutta Motz (top) and Anne Cuneo during their renditions.
A bunch of murderers


From left Helmut Maier, Christina Casanova and Jutta Motz.

Felix Mettler's story explores in a moving way what happens if your reputation is murdered.
Magdalena Bernath hosted the evening.