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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


What else has happened...

On Friday, the book launch of "Mord (Murder) in Switzerland" took place in a transformed chair factory, the "Alte Stuhlfabrik", in Herisau, Appenzell Outer Rhodes.

Magdalena Bernath of the publishing company Appenzeller Verlag hosted the event. The "Stuhlfabrik" was fully booked, which made it difficult to find seats in the first rows for the eleven participating authors.
Christina Casanova, Jutta Motz and Helmut Maier (from left to right)
The evening began with a "courier reading", in which the authors took turns

in reading four-minute-extracts from their stories.
Magdalena Bernath introduced the first four authors. Felix Mettler read from "Tod in Gais" (Death in Gais), Karin Bachmann from "Fokus", Anne Cuneo from "Mord in der Kathedrale" (Murder in the Cathedral) and Philipp Probst from "Tod im 36er" (Death in the 36er).
After another round of introductions, Christina Casanova read from "Der Flachwichser" (The Bugger), Jutta Motz from "Die Russin" (The Russian Lady) and Helmut Maier from "Reinfall am Rheinfall" (the pun's hard to translate, something like Falling Through at the Rheinfall. The Rheinfall being the waterfall of the Rhein near Schaffhausen in Northern Switzerland.)
That courier reading was the ideal way to demonstrate the variety of stories and stiles united in the anthology.
An interview with the two initiators Mitra Devi ("Lucerne – Chicago") and Petra Ivanov ("Späte Rache" – Late Revenge) followed. An incredible rendition of her whole story by Susy Schmid rounded the event off. In celebration of the evening, Susy Schmid had renamed her story "Heute Abend in F." (Tonight in F.) "Heute Abend in H." (Tonight in H.) and altered some passages to fit Herisau. Her experience in writing scary short radio plays clearly shone through.
Afterwards, the bar of the "Alte Stuhlfabrik" and the Appenzeller Verlag's book table were open. Interesting conversations and meetings took place and the courier reading was followed by a courier signing; a good opportunity to meet the readers.
An absolutely thrilling and successful evening!

Especially for me as I was able to meet my Google+ and Twitter friend (and author) Tom Zai and his wife IRL.