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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


What else has happened...

Soon the anthology "Mord in Switzerland" (Murder in Switzerland), 18 crime stories, initiated by Mitra Devi & Petra Ivanov, will come out. High time to give you more ample information:
They kill – with Swiss precision. They die – from Lausanne via Basel, Aarau, Zurich as far as the Rhein Valley. 18 well-known crime writers from different parts of Switzerland have struck: A girl finds a dead business man amidst dinosaur tracks, a hiker gets lost in the whiteness of an alpine snowstorm, and the "Säli"-Killer terrorises the villagers.
Those literary crimes were committed by: Karin Bachmann in Biel/Bienne, Christina Casanova in Rodels, Anne Cuneao in Lausanne, Mitra Devi in Lucerne, Alice Gabathuler in the Rhein Valley, Peter Hänni in Lommiswil, Michael Herzig in Wollerau/Freienbach, Petra Ivanov in Kreuzlingen, Sam Jaun in the Jura, Helmut Maier in Schaffhausen, Felix Mettler in Gais, Milena Moser in Aarau, Jutta Motz in Zug, Philipp Probst in Basel, Susy Schmid in Fribourg, Andrea Weibel in Stans, Peter Zeindler on the Zurich "Gold-Coast", Emil Zopfi in Glarus.
Translation of a quote in the "St. Galler Taglatt": "The dark underbelly of idyllic Switzerland: From Aarau to Zurich, from the Rhein Valley to Lake Leman; criminal, brutal, murderous. Murderously good."

Mord in Switzerland, 18 crime stories (init. Mitra Devi & Petra Ivanov)
Appenzeller Verlag, Herisau, Switzerland
Book launch: 22. February 2013
Price: sFr. 28.--, Euro 24.30Paperback, 288 pages
ISBN 978-3-85882-653-4
The publication of this work was supported by the Jan Michalski Foundation