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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


What else has happened...

The temperatures were freezing when seven of the eighteen participating authors of the "Mord in Switzerland" (Murder in Switzerland) anthology met in Zurich for a photo shooting.

The graffiti near the public pool of the "Lette" quarter by the river Limmat had been chosen to be our background.

Unfortunately, despite a Doodle poll, it hadn't been possible to gather all the participating authors. However, besides the initiators Petra Ivanov and Mitra Devi, Jutta Motz, Helmut Maier, Felix Mettler, Emil Zopfi and I turned up.

It was my very first photo shooting of that kind. I already had to watch the setting up of the equipment carefully. Then the photographer Martina Basista arranged the whole group for the first pictures. "Please smile" alternated with "Please look grumpy now".

Finally, we were put in small groups for additional pictures. Now the props we'd brought along came into action: a Maori Batu (New Zealand war club), a (dry) Molotov Cocktail and a skull.

After icy forty minutes that froze our hands, feet and smiles, the session was already over. A fantastic experience!

"Mord in Switzerland" (Murder in Switzerland) will be published in February 2013 by "Appenzeller Verlag"