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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 37)

"For a start we should inform Daniel about what we heard yesterday," Nicky said.

Chris obeyed and Daniel was impressed.

"That changes the whole situation," he said when Chris had finished.

"You know what we could do, then?" Nicky asked.

"Yes," Daniel's face was grave. "We should keep away from them. They're obviously tougher than they look. And if it's true that they've lost the pearls they might be desperate enough to become dangerous to anybody who gets in their way."

"Don't tell me you are the sissy Freckles and his friend were taking you for!" Nicky exclaimed.

"Come off it!" Chris snapped back. "There's a difference between cowardice and caution."

"OK, OK," Daniel tried to calm the tempers. "Nicky seems to have an idea. Let's hear it."

Nicky was so taken aback by this that she was, for once, speechless. "I... er... don't really know... There must be something we can do."

No one had a notion what this something could be, though. After a long, helpless silence Daniel was the first to speak.

"I'll have to go back soon. My parents asked me to come along on a bus tour of the island this afternoon. They complained they only see me at breakfast and dinner."

Chris and Nicky nodded.

"Could we meet again tomorrow?" Daniel asked.