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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 36)

"The people began to look at them, so they changed the language again and talked more softly. Something must've happened," Daniel continued.

"What could it be?" Chris asked.

"In my opinion, there are two possibilities," Nicky answered, chewing her lips. "Either they've lost track of the yacht they were expecting, or the Luardi Pearls have vanished."

Chris snorted in exasperation. "We can't even prove they had them in the first place and now you're making up a story about their disappearance."

Nicky stood with her arms crossed, looking daggers at her cousin. Just as she opened her mouth for a peppered reply, Daniel joined in,

"You're right. But you have to admit that there are far too many coincidences. I think it wouldn't do any harm if we kept our eyes open."

"Now, that sounds familiar," Nicky said cynically. "If we continue our investigations at that speed, we'll keep our eyes open long enough to see them sail away in that yacht and wave goodbye."

"Any better idea?" Chris asked.
(To be continued)