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What else has happened...

On 25 October, the "Haupt Buchhandlung" (Haupt Bookshop) in Berne organised a talk with Prof. Dr. Mario Andreotti in collaboration with the "Berner Schriftstellerverein BSV" (Club of authors of Berne).

Prof. Dr. Andreotti teaches, among other assignments, linguistics and literature at the University of St. Galle and is a jury member for literary prizes. His book "Die Struktur der modernen Literatur" (The Structure of Modern Literature) ranks among the classics. So he knows what he's talking about when he chooses the topic "Art and Commerce – What is Up-to-Date, Good Literature?".
I feared the talk would become elitist and supercilious. Far from it. Prof. Dr. Andreotti brought the topic across with plenty of wit and charm. From the beginning, the audience in the packed room hung on his every word.

And what is up-to-date, good literature? The answer is beyond the possibilities of this blog. Here a few points Prof. Dr. Andreotti mentioned:

A good text
-          deals with globally fundamental matters

-          prompts reflection about what has been read

-          leaves room for interpretation

"A good text grows on what it doesn't say."

("Die Struktur der modernen Literatur" by Prof. Dr. Mario Andreotti, Haupt UTB Verlag, Bern, ISBN 978-3-8252-1127-1)