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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 33)

Only a few metres down the road, three people were leaving the bar of the Ocean-Side Hotel.

"I've told you before that we're not interested at all in your offer," Mr Nuzzolo's heavy Italian accent echoed through the square.

"It would save you a lot of trouble," the Major answered.

"Are you threatening me?"

Mr Nuzzolo grabbed the Major by his lapel and glared at him. His wife held him back, saying some soothing words in Italian. Mr Nuzzolo let go and stormed away. Mrs Nuzzolo turned to the Major. Her icy look didn't match the smile with which she said,

"You're an old man, Mr Stevenson. I advise you to enjoy the rest of your stay without bothering us again. You read so often about elderly people who die because of a bad fall. I'd hate having to hear such a story about you. Good evening, Mr Stevenson."

Then she followed her husband.
(To be continued)