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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 31)

"Hello?... Yes, madam, I'm taking good care... Certainly, madam... Of course not, madam... If you wish, madam..."

He handed the phone back. "Mum?... But why...?... But I'm telling you it's safe!... Oh, Mum, come on... But we're having such fun - it's not fair!... Yeaaah! Bye." 

He put the mobile phone away. Mike gave him a look of compassion and was already turning his boat.

"Your mother is a little overanxious, isn't she?"

Daniel shrugged.

"What did she want from you?" Chris asked Mike.

"She told me to be careful, not to let you lean overboard, to make sure you didn't get wet and catch a cold, not to let you have a swim or too much ice-cream – and to give my life for you," he added with a mischievous smile.

"I'm sorry you have to break up because of me." Daniel said.

"Hey, that's ok. We'll still have lots of chances to do other trips together," Chris comforted him.

"It's late," Nicky added. "We'd have had to go soon, anyway."

They felt sorry for Daniel. It appeared that his mother's exaggerated care hindered him more than his handicap.
(To be continued)