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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 28)

5.) It seemed such an ordinary holidayafter-noon. But then Chris and I overheard a scrap of a conversation: something is going on; and the Major is in it!

They wolfed down the corned-beef and pickle sandwiches Granny had made for them. By then a steady breeze had wiped the sky clean and Nicky, Chris and Daniel wanted to go on a trip.

"If you feel up to an adventure, I have just the thing for you," Granny said.

She knew that it was Mike's day off and soon it was decided that he would take the children boating. At two o'clock they were standing at the Quay, waiting for their guide. Shortly, Mike arrived in his pride: a tiny, well-maintained motorboat.
                                                     Maze on St. Agnes

The tide was low but that didn't hinder them. As nimbly as mountain goats, Nicky, Chris and Daniel skipped down the slippery stairs and hopped aboard. Mike welcomed them with a broad grin.

"Hi there. Does anybody get sea-sick?"

"No!" they answered as one.

He handed them each a life-vest and made sure they put it on correctly.

"Good, then let's start."

First, he took them to St. Agnes, one of the other inhabited islands. On the way to its Quay he pointed out a few rocks of special significance or shapes. One looked like the profile of Queen Victoria. A short while later they moored at Port Conger.